The Official Pride Song for Borås out 16th of June

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New pop sensation O!Dorian is a figure shrouded in mystery, who first surfaced in the beginning of 2023 with the single “Going to the Mecca”. The theories about his origins are numerous. Some say he is a Jewish prince who got bored of the opulent palace life and decided to pursue a career in music, or possibly a British aristocrat who wanted to exchange his tweed for sequins. Others claim him to be a notable soldier who rose through the ranks of the Army of Lovers to become a no-hit-wonder in the 1990's. Unconfirmed rumours insist that he is either the secret love child of Patsy Stone and Salvador Dali or the result of a very secretive government genetic research project to create the perfect pop star. The simple explanation might be that he is Emil Dorian Löfström, struck with a (not so) sudden case of megalomania and inspired by his artist friends such as Leila K, Army of Lovers and BWO who has decided to write a new chapter to his life's story by taking to the stage and the world of creating music in the genre of Grand Luxury Overdose.

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